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2017 Financial Returns


The Foundation’s portfolio had a good year in 2017, gaining 16.4% for the year, and benefiting from strength in global financial markets. AAACF’s investment objective is to preserve or enhance the real, inflation-adjusted, purchasing power of its assets, while producing a relatively predictable and stable payout stream that is optimized for the long run. This objective is achieved by earning a total rate of return over full market cycles, with thoughtful diversification to help weather volatile periods. The Foundation invests assets in order to maximize long-term return while assuming a reasonable level of risk.

Assets are expected to exceed benchmarks over a full market cycle. As you can see from the chart above, we continue to exceed benchmarks over the short and long term. As an long-term institutional investor, the Foundation remains confident that our portfolio is well positioned for stable growth over time, consistent with our permanent endowment philosophy.

We look forward to sharing our preliminary 2017 Financial Report at our Annual Community Meeting on Monday, May 7th at Washtenaw Community College, prior to approval of our audit by the Board of Trustees in late May.

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